The impossible restoration from scrap to usable part without tools and effort.

How to repair a rusted & seized 60 years old willys headlight switch from useless scrap to fully working part without using any tools or labour involved.

Usually, the repair of a vintage part is time-consuming, requires much effort, tools, and it is time-consuming with uncertain results.

Using the right product or tool can save you hours or even days of work.

Repairing a rusted and seized 60 years old electric switch sitting in weather elements for years seems impossible or not practical.

The challenge is significant when you have to deal with a multi-component, multi-material part.

The challenge:

  • The part is delicate, 60 years metal case, springs, bakelite, and copper parts can break easily during the dismantling.

  • Removing seized bolts without damaging the components.

The process:

The logical approach is to this repair would be:

  • Dismantle the switch to separate the components.
  • Remove the rust from the ferrous components.

  • Remove the corrosion from the non-ferrous components.
  • Re-assemble the part.

All these steps are time-consuming and quite challenging when you deal with a so heavily rusted and corroded part.

Using the right tool or product can save you time, money and minimise the risk of damaging your part duringthe repair. 

We make many tests on different parts and materials to help us support our industrial clients with real data and solutions to production and maintenance problems. 

When we received the switch, we decided not to dismantle it but to try to restore it to operating condition using only MC-51.

MC-51 capabilities fit the profile of this project:

  • Removes rust.

  • Removes a wide range of metal plating.

  • Removes corrosion from Copper, Bronze, Tin, Zamak and other non-ferrous metals.

  • It is safe for rubber and plastics.

Have a look:

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One product multiple materials , multiple applications. mechanical parts. electrical parts. Machinery parts

  • New part value: 75£
  • Scrap part value: 0.0£
  • Material used: 250ml
  • Labor cost: 0.0£
  • Time spent: 5min
  • Soaking time: 3:20h

Materials treated:

  • Steel
  • Spring steel
  • Copper
  • Zamak

Plated metals:

  • Chrome plated copper
  • Chrome plated steel
  • Cadmium plated steel