Do you still believe soaking your parts is the only way to remove rust?

Are you tired waiting long hours or even days to get your parts rust free?​

Does every project seems too big to remove rust by soaking?

Do you need "tons" of rust remover for each project?

Is your rust remover getting extremely slow or stops working when the temperature drops?

Time to put an end to these problems.

And it will change forever the way you deal with rust removal.

One Product Unlimited Applications​




We change the way you deal with rust.

MC-51 is revolutionising the way people remove rust.  By working 90% faster than other water-based rust removers in the market, MC-51 offers a greater variety of options for removing rust.  Heavy rust is best treated with a soak.  Lighter rust can be removed with a wipe, a spray, or a gel.  MC-51 provides a solution to meet every need.

Save up to 40% product compared to your old rust remover for the same task.

According to our industrial clients, using MC-51 saved them up to 40% product compared to their old rust remover for the same task.

Eliminate Rust in Minutes!!!

Biodegradable. Environmental Friendly. Safe For Your Skin.

From scrap to usable part without tools or labour.

Use MC-51 to restore the connectivity of corroded electrical and electronic connections in minutes.

MC-51 is the Fastest Safe Rust Remover in the market, and the #1 multi material rust-corrosion remover.

Remove corrosion in minutes from: Brass-Bronze-Copper-Tin-Zamak.

Using MC-51 is easy to remove copper tarnish in minutes.

Using MC-51 is easy to remove rust from glass. A must for any Restoration project.

Using MC-51 is easy to remove rust from plastic. A must for any Restoration project.


Watch MC-51 in Action: Independent Users Videos.

The impossible restoration without tools or labour. Click the image for more details and video.

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